Travel Insurance for Children UK

Travel insurance for children

If your child is under 16 or under 18, allowing him to go on a trip on his own can leave you anxious. For your peace of mind, get child travel insurance.

For a little sum to pay, you can have a travel insurance that is equipped with a high quality of medical treatment cover, cancellation and repatriation cover, and lost luggage cover. Some companies offer a 24/7 helpline on standby in case you need to call them for advice or questions to ask.

How to Get Travel Insurance for Children

Booking travel insurance for children is easy and fast. Just go online to access your chosen provider’s website and complete their application form, after which you will probably be directed to a page where a comparison of different types of offerings and covers is shown. Take time to study the details to help you get the policy that’s perfect for you and your needs.

Who Can Get Child Travel Insurance?

Eligibility requirements for children travel insurance differ from provider to provider. Regarding age, there are companies that accept children who are more than 18 but less than 24 years old. Being a full time student is a requirement of most companies.

A single trip policy is recommended for a child who will be travelling one or two times within the next 12 months. If the planned number of trips is more than two, it’s best to pick an annual multi trip policy.

Check how companies define a family because some travel insurance policies have restrictions on child inclusion. Generally, the definition goes this way: a family is composed of parents (two adults, maximum) and their children under 16, 18 or under 24. Children must be in full time education. Insurance coverage shall apply only where appropriate premium payment has been made.

How Much Does Child Travel Insurance Cover?

Again, it differs from company to company. Here’s a sample sourced from a typical travel insurance provider:

  • Travels in the UK, Europe, and other parts of the world included
  • Winter Sports cover
  • Up to £10,000,000 for medical expenses
  • Up to £2000 for personal possessions
  • Up to £5000 for cancellation cover

What Activities Does The Insurance Cover?

Winter and adventure sports are generally not included in a policy. You have to add that to the policy you choose.

If you have a child who is outgoing and engages in a lot of outdoor activities, have the child Winter-Sports covered. On the average, companies cover the following:

  • 26 different types of winter sports
  • Hired and personal equipment
  • Piste closure
  • Ski passes

Included winter sports are:

  • ice karting
  • blade skating
  • big foot skiing
  • bum boarding
  • ice skating
  • dog sledging
  • ice windsurfing
  • langlauf
  • dry skiing
  • kick sledging
  • snow shoe walking
  • piste skiing
  • winter walking, and many more.

Who Offers Travel Insurance for Children?

Most travel insurance providers offer policies that have special stipulations for travelling children. If you have a current policy, read through the fine print or call your provider for enlightenment.

If your child is under 18 and you are accompanying him, he is most likely entitled to free cover. If he is travelling alone, you might have to pay your company not more than £5 per week of travel for a fully comprehensive policy.